Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm tired of waiting for tasks and opportunities. I never realized it'd take so long to find one. ;/ Bahhumbug.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yay for a job!

So I've got the job at babies r us. Which I'm super excited about, I start orientation on Thursday. Ahem. Yay me. And I'm starting to get the hang of pay per post. I've submitted my first blog. No idea if it's going to be accepted. It was already rejected once but I believe I correct the error.

I've also decided to decorate Abrianna's room in disney princesses. And I plan on coloring pages of the princesses and then framing and hanging them on the walls in different ways. With like funky painted frames. Heh. I'm not sure how much I'll like it once we get started on this project but hopefully all turns out well. I'm excited to start working and I have a few open opportunties at pay per post that I'm going to give a shot at.

I love to learn so all opportunites there give me a chance to do just that! I'm excied ;D

You've Gotta Try It!

So, I was finally accepted to Pay Per Post. Yay me! Now I'm here to tell you about all the amazing things you can do with it. First and foremost, I'm making money. I'm making money to blog! How aweome! I always wanted to earn money doing something I really and truly love and now I am. I'm able to buy things for my daughter that I couldn't normally afford because I'm making extra money through PPP.

I heard of PPP through a few other blogs that I was browsing through. Everybody seemed to be enjoying PPP and enjoying the money they were making. Their blogs didn't seem like forced advertisments, they really seemed to enjoy what they were blogging about. That amazed me. So on a whim, I made a new blog so I could blog about things I loved. Things that I enjoyed. And finally I decided why not sign up for PPP while I was at it!

I signed up for PPP for that very reason. I wanted to get paid to blog, to learn about new products and offers. And then to share them with everyone. But most of all I wanted to get paid to do all this. Well now I am. And I'm quite enjoying it.

I haven't made any new friends yet, that's next on my PPP to do list! But I'm happily on my way to making money. And I like that PPP let's you know when a blog is sponsered or not. They require you to post it. So, if your not interested in reading a specific blog entry because it's sponsered just skip over it. I personally love to read them!

And as far as all the extra money I'm earning. It's all going to my daughter. I want to decorate her room now that she's a toddler. And I've realized it's not cheap! This will hopefully help me to achieve my goal. I'd also like to purchase my own domain. As well as, buy my daughter new toys that I see all the time but can never afford to purchase. As a single mom, PPP is giving me more freedom to make sure my daughter has the latest and the greatest. I plan on being a member and doing as many offers as I can. Simply to earn that extra bit of spending money, and learn a few things while doing so.

Also if you have your own business, check out
blog advertising. Where you can pay to have us bloggers write about your business here! In our blogs. Always great for more customers. As blogging really helps me to find new and interesting products!

I hope my post convinces you that PPP is the thing to sign up for. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to get paid to blog about things that interest you! So sign up today! ;]

Friday, March 28, 2008

Waiting Game

I was approved by blogvertise on a probation period because my blog is not yet 60 days old. Though it is very close. I haven't really had anything of interest to blog about here. So I'm hoping that I'll think of something soon!

I'm still awaiting approval from pay per post. But it seems to be taking a while. And I'm thinking of another articale to write for helium. Or maybe a new hubpage. Also thinking of trying squidoo.

Monday, March 24, 2008


First off, Happy Easter! Second off why is the spacebar on my keyboard broken ;[. It's driving me mad. Anyways, check out this website;

You can make money by posting in discussions and so on. It's kind've cool. I'm a new member...soo. Yea ;]w

Friday, March 21, 2008


Been working a little more at finding some new make money from home sites! I'm not doing to bad. Enjoying cash crate. And a few others. Plus I have an interview lined up for a part time position at babies r us. Won't be long and I'll be rolling in the dough.

I'm excited. And in even better news I'M HOME FROM NC. And boy did I miss home.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Bastard ass blogger wouldn't post the last time I wrote this. Ding Ding round 2.

My blog is now a month old. This is my 10th post. That means I can submit it to pay per post. Woot extra spending money is always welcome for me! Anyways onto the reason for the post (as if that's not enough)

My dad gave me headphones. Their pimp. I can listen to my music and tune out the grandparents extra loud television. I like it. ;] That's all I've got. Do I need more. Bah to unable blogginess.

Ooo I remembered I finally got photoshop and psp. Awesome huh? I'm excited. AND I have some new books. And erm, a new blog! It's and it's a link blog. Heh? Curious yet? Well then check it out ;p.